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If you feel stressed, anxious, can’t stop worrying or can’t switch off a racing mind, then we are here to help. We are all about helping you find natural ways to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living, and bring well-being and harmony back into your life.Our specialist day courses and residential retreats will help you detox your worries and get you back to enjoying life.

Station CrowdsYou want to live day to day with a little bit more calm – to feel in control, able to cope with pressures and deadlines, be productive, happy and relaxed. You know that when you get your work-life balance right, things go more smoothly and you feel better.

But the reality is that more and more people are getting caught up in the busyness of modern life that means we never stop, we always have things to do, we worry that we aren’t doing enough or that what we do isn’t good enough…

That’s why Anxiety Detox has developed a special approach that helps you tackle worries and anxious thinking but also helps soothe your self-esteem and build back your confidence. The 3Rs formula is our version of work, rest and play:

Reframe negative and fearful thinking – Refresh the quality of your everyday moments – Relax and make time for pleasure and play

Reading 1142801 640http://info@anxietydetox.co.ukWe are passionate about helping people learn to live with less stress and anxiety and to show you that there is a way to find your inner calm again.

We have courses running throughout the year and are ready to help you find your mojo again. Come and join us and discover how an Anxiety Detox could help you.

You can find out lots of information on our FAQ page, or read what other people have said about our courses on our Reviews page. If you have any other questions or want to know if we can help you, then contact us on 07779 004292 or email info@anxietydetox.co.uk for more details on any of our courses.

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